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We are the highest quality of all the paving companies in Cork, including in Carrigaline, Cobh, Midleton, Mallow, Youghal and Cork City. Just have a look at our gallery to understand the high quality of our workmanship. We treat every project we do with the utmost care and attention, not just “another job”. Read our testimonials to see the extreme happiness we bring our clients.

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Thomas came recommended by a friend and his work was second to none. If you’re looking for quality guaranteed, look no further. 100% recommendation.

We weren’t entirely sure what we could do with a limited garden and driveway. The team at Driveways Patios Cork helped us with the design and we are delighted with the results.

Thanks to Thomas for setting us up with the exact patio we were looking for. After seeing an image online of exactly what we wanted, Thomas was able to recreate our dream!

Patios Cork

Garden patio ideas Cork

Stone patio ideas Cork

Stone patio ideas Cork: We can provide you with ideas for stone patios. Our patio ideas are always popular with clients and you can choose from a range we have previously made on our gallery. Whether you want a small backyard patio or something more substantial, we are here to help.

How to build a patio Cork

How to build a patio Cork: Rather than trying to build a patio yourself, why not avail of our expertise. We can build patios and more. We will design your patio with you and provide all sorts of garden design and front and back patio ideas. Call us – we are the experts.

DIY patio Cork

DIY patio Cork: Again, why build it yourself, when we can do the heavy lifting. We have plenty of outside patio ideas, you can see examples of our stamped concrete patio in the patio pictures section of our “Patios Cork” gallery. You can also see examples of some of our recent patio construction. Call us today for more information.

Patio area Cork

Concrete patio ideas Cork

Concrete patio ideas Cork: We can also provide you with enclosed patio ideas, we can build outdoor patio designs and we can provide a wide range of outside patio decor. Call us to discuss.

Landscape patio Cork

Landscape patio Cork: Whether you are looking for some diy patio ideas or a covered outdoor patio, we plenty of expertise with outdoor patio spaces and can offer a wealth of information. Call us today for a chat.

Patio features Cork

Patio features Cork: We are well known for our elegant front yard patio designs and have a reputation for state of the art patio concrete designs. Take a look through some of the home patios designs and patio plans from our portfolio.

Cheap patio ideas Cork

Designs for patios Cork

Designs for patios Cork: We have a wide range of brick patio designs to suit all budgets including outside patio designs and wooden patio designs. Call us today.

Patio decor Cork

Patio decor Cork: All of our concrete patio designs, backyard covered patio designs and patio porch ideas come with advice on recommended decor. We’re here to help!

Outdoor patio area Cork

Outdoor patio area Cork: Our front patio designs include the patio layout, some simple patio designs and options, including deck patio designs and more. Talk to us now or view our gallery.

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Paving Cork

Cheap patio ideas Cork

Designs for patios Cork

Designs for patios Cork: We have various brick patio designs for all your outside patio designs. We can also provide wooden patio designs and concrete patio designs.

Patio decor Cork

Patio decor Cork: For all of our backyard covered patio designs, patio porch and front patio designs, we provide advice and consultancy on patio decor. Talk to us today.

Outdoor patio area Cork

Outdoor patio area Cork: The patio layout will be discussed with you in depth before we agree on a final objective. We can provide simple patio designs, deck patio designs and much more… Call us today!

Outdoor patio ideas Cork

Small backyard patio designs Cork

Small backyard patio designs Cork: No matter what size your patio will be, we can provide your new patio with  flagstone patio designs a fully custom design patio for you. We’re here to take your call!

Concrete designs for patios Cork

Concrete designs for patios Cork: We are well as house patio experts in the Cork area. We work with top class backyard patio pavers and our team have many years of patio renovation experience. All of our outdoor covered patio designs have a 100% price and quality guarantee.

Decks and patios Cork

Decks and patios Cork: Many customers come to us looking for new deck and patio designs. Our cement patio design
is very popular as is our closed patio design. Talk with us today to discuss your options.

Paving ideas Cork

Circular garden paving Cork

Circular garden paving Cork: We have expertise over many years providing circular garden paving and you can see various examples in our “Paving Cork” portfolio.

Cheap block paving Cork

Cheap block paving Cork: We provide excellent and cheap block paving, especially considering you can expect the highest quality from our service and workmanship in Cork and beyond. 100% price and quality guarantee.

Natural paving Cork

Natural paving Cork: Our range of natural paving styles gives an impression of pure class. Have a look at some of the samples in our gallery and speak with us about your options.

Landscaping Cork

Tarmac Cork

Specialized tarmac Cork

Specialized tarmac Cork: We are leading providers of specialized tarmac in Cork and have many years experience. Check out our “Tarmac Cork” portfolio.

Blacktop resurfacing Cork

Blacktop resurfacing Cork: Our specialty in resurfacing your blacktop is unsurpassed – we can help.

Tarmac road Cork

Tarmac road Cork: If you are looking for the best of the asphalt sealing companies, specialising in road pavement, then we are the commercial paving contractors for you. Let us know how we can help!

Landscape design Cork

Landscaping ideas for backyard Cork

Landscaping ideas for backyard Cork: We can provide you with a range of suitable ideas for your backyard. Have a look at some samples of our landscaping work around Cork and you will be impressed. Always the highest quality.

Landscape pavers near me in Cork

Landscape pavers near me in Cork: We are based in Cork, so if you are looking for someone local, then we are the ideal contractors. We can provide landscaping, pavement construction, paving circle, repair concrete walkway, concrete sidewalk, driveways, paving, garden design and much more. Just have a look around this page to see the wide range of services we provide.

Paving for drives in Cork

Paving for drives in Cork: If you are looking for driveway paving, then you have come to the right place. We can provide you with a range of high quality driveway paving options and can provide a free consultation in advance. You can choose from a range of photos in our “Landscaping Cork” gallery from previous work or you can discuss the effect that you’re after.

Concrete Cork

Concrete contractors Cork

Concrete contractors Cork: We are well known in Cork as the foremost experts with concrete, so before you do another search for “concrete contractors near me”, just call us and talk to us. We will help you solve your problem.

Embossed concrete Cork

Embossed concrete Cork: Check out a range of photos and videos of our embossed and imprinted concrete work.

Pavement repair Cork

Pavement repair Cork: Does your pavement need repairing? Ideal work for us, we have many years experience repairing pavement. We’ll be in and out before you know it and your pavement will be restored to it’s former glory with very little fuss. Get in touch.

Tarmac Cork

Garden Design Cork

Back porch designs Cork

Back porch designs Cork: If you are looking for back porch design, have a look through some of our garden design ideas in Cork. We can completely transform your back porch and garden area into a pleasant area for you to enjoy. See our gallery or speak to us directly for more details.

Front drive paving Cork

Front drive paving Cork: Having your front drive paving looking neat and tidy and completely change the appearance of your garden area. Combined with our landscaping services, we can make your house look like the best on the street. Call us for options.

Paving a garden Cork

Paving a garden Cork: Are you thinking about paving a garden? We are most certainly here to help. This is right up our street and we can show you many example of garden paving we have completed recently and over the last few years. Talk to us today!

Driveway ideas Cork

Concrete block driveway Cork

Concrete block driveway Cork: We can provide you with a beautiful new concrete driveway, or if you are looking for concrete driveway repair options, we can give you those too. We have many years experience with driveway restoration and know exactly how to help. 100% price and quality guarantee.

Laying concrete driveway Cork

Laying concrete driveway Cork: We have years experience laying concrete driveway and will discuss the entire process with you so that there will be the least disruption to you and your life as possible. Call us to discuss.

Driveway repair companies Cork

Driveway repair companies Cork: We are well known as one of the leading driveway repair companies in Cork. Our expertise, friendliness, punctuality and quality are second to none and we pride ourselves on our high standards. Have a look at some of our work to gain some more assurance.

Driveway finishes Cork

Sealing asphalt driveway Cork

Sealing asphalt driveway Cork: We have much experience in sealing asphalt driveways talk to us today to discuss your options. Check out our “Driveways Cork” portfolio.

Gravel driveway costs Cork

Gravel driveway costs: Looking for gravel driveway design? Look no further, we have many examples of beautiful gravel driveway design in our gallery. We’ll be interested in talking with you about your ideas and then helping you turn those ideas into realities.

Paver driveway design Cork

Paver driveway design Cork: Are you looking for new driveway options? Do you want to see some top class designs for driveways? We can provide a wide range of concrete driveway finishes among other things. Need a driveway fixed? We are also one of the leading concrete driveway repair companies in Cork. Speak to us today.

Driveways Cork

Driveways Cork , Patios Cork

Coloured concrete driveway Cork

Concrete driveway prices Cork

Concrete driveway prices Cork: We offer a 100% price and quality guarantee. You don’t need to pay anything until you are 100% satisfied. We cannot be fairer than that. We are so confident of the quality of our work, that we can make that promise easily. Speak with us today.

Pouring concrete driveway Cork

Pouring concrete driveway Cork: Why not have a look at some of the videos and images in our gallery? One of the videos has a freshly poured concrete driveway being imprinted.

Concrete driveway options Cork

Concrete driveway options Cork: We can provide many options for concrete drivewaystextured concrete driveway, embossed concrete, imprinted concrete…We have many options – just call us and discuss.

Driveway contractors Cork

Concrete driveway alternatives Cork

Concrete driveway alternatives Cork: There are many alternatives to concrete driveways including paving, cobblelock, tarmac and more. In general, we can offer you a wide range of options.

Driveway repair contractors Cork

Driveway repair contractors Cork: Are you looking for re-assurance? Visit some of our former clients – listen to their testimonials on YouTube. We have 5-star ratings all the way. Our clients are delighted with the high-quality results and the lack of mess we create while working. best concrete for driveway

Cost for driveway Cork

Cost for driveway Cork: Are you looking for an accurate quote? We can provide you with a free consultation. Let us know by text, email or phone and we will call you back asap with an accurate estimate.

Patterned concrete driveways Cork

Concrete driveway patterns Cork

Concrete driveway patterns Cork: We have photo and video examples of imprinted concrete driveway patterns in our gallery. We can provide you with a range of options for patterns and you can choose what you want.

Paving a driveway cost Cork

Paving a driveway cost Cork: The exact cost will vary depending on the size of your driveway, but we will try to keep it as low as possible. We will also give you an accurate estimate before work begins and you will not pay until you are happy with the work.

Concreting a driveway Cork

Concreting a driveway Cork: If you are looking for a new residential concrete driveway made by real local driveway pavers, call us today. Our costs for concrete driveway refinishing, our concrete driveway installation cost, or even our cost for new driveway are unrivalled in Cork.  Talk to us today!

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